Record remote interviews, without compromises

The best, simplest solution

Don't let poor sound quality distract your listeners from enjoying your awsome content.

Few people have good microphones, but everybody has a smartphone.

Tincan lets you speak directly to interviewees on their smartphones, as if on a call, and optimizes their microphones for the best possible sound.



Your guests, loud and clear

When people answer and bring their phones to their ears, they speak directly in the microphone, ensuring their voice is heard loud and clear.

Tincan adjusts levels automatically so you can hear their voice perfectly while leaving enough headroom so you can play around in post-production.

tincan export file formats

Your files, your way

FLAC, WAV or MP3, you can download Tincan recordings in any format you could want or need.

We keep a copy so you can always access them from anywhere and download them at a later date.


Never regret not asking a question

Forgot to ask a question? With Tincan, you always have a line to reach them. Just call back and press record.

Tincan wants to make it easy to record the content you need, whenever, wherever.



  • Filter recordings by name, date range
  • Annotate recordings
  • Gather feedback
  • Drop files projects
  • Filter by type (music, recording, sound effects, etc)